RA's Carl Cox documentary, Space Is The Place, to air on Channel 4

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    Mon, 21 Nov 2016, 12:30
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    Resident Advisor
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  • The British broadcaster will premiere the 45-minute film on November 30th.
  • RA's Carl Cox documentary, Space Is The Place, to air on Channel 4 image
  • Resident Advisor's next film, Carl Cox: Space Is The Place, will air on UK station Channel 4 on November 30th. The 45-minute documentary, a collaboration between RA and Channel 4, follows Cox across the 2016 season in Ibiza, from the Music Is Revolution opening in June through to the closing in September. It offers a behind-the-scenes perspective on a pivotal moment in clubbing history, and a window into Cox's life, inside and outside the DJ booth. It's the story of a clubbing icon coming to terms with the next phase of his career, and of a clubbing island facing up to an uncertain future. Space, the club that was home to Cox's Music Is Revolution party, shut for good in October of 2016. The closure marked the end of an era for Cox, but also for Ibiza, which lost one of its best-loved venues at a time when VIP culture looms ever-larger over the scene. The film will premiere at 12:05 AM on Channel 4. It will then be available to watch on All 4 and Resident Advisor from December 2nd. Watch the trailer for Carl Cox: Space Is The Place.