Buenos Aires reverses decision to ban Kraftwerk show

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    Mon, Nov 14, 2016, 16:44
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  • Following a court appeal, the city government is looking to soften its controversial ban on large dance music events.
  • Buenos Aires reverses decision to ban Kraftwerk show image
  • A court in Buenos Aires has nullified the city's decision to ban this month's Kraftwerk show. Last week the city denied permits for a Kraftwerk show that was scheduled for November 23rd at the Luna Park Stadium. This was due to a ban on dance music festivals that the court implemented after the drug-related deaths of five people at Time Warp Argentina in April. While the Kraftwerk show may not be a dance music festival as such, representatives of the city declared that it applied under the ruling because "synthesizers or samplers [are] their primary instrument." Argentine newspaper Clarín reports that a local court has reversed this decision and the Kraftwerk show will indeed go on as scheduled. Judge Lisandro Fastman, who oversaw the original ruling, has also called for a revision of the ban to make the language less restrictive. This was in response to an appeal that the show's promoters submitted which explained that there are "substantial and definite differences" between a Kraftwerk show and a "so-called electronic music party." They stressed that it's "not a danceable event" and that the audience is "clearly adult." It's not yet clear how the revised text will affect electronic music events in Buenos Aires, though the injunction against this month's Kraftwerk show has been lifted.