Luke Vibert, Tyree Cooper contribute to DJ Pierre's ACID 88 compilation

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  • The acid progenitor's new 12-track set pays tribute to the late DJ Spank Spank and Andreas Gehm.
  • Luke Vibert, Tyree Cooper contribute to DJ Pierre's ACID 88 compilation image
  • DJ Pierre will release a new 303-focused collection called ACID 88 via his own Afro Acid’s Jack Trax in December. Pierre is a founding member of the Chicago trio Phuture, who are credited with the invention of acid house, a genre that continues to hold producers and dance floors in its thrall. Acid 88 places the pioneers of the sound alongside acolytes like Posthuman. Earl "DJ Spank Spank" Smith, the producer with whom Pierre founded Phuture and continued to tour with, passed away in September, and the compilation is dedicated to Smith's memory as well as that of Andreas Gehm, the German producer who rode for the style up until his passing in June. Both of the late greats have tracks on ACID 88 as do veterans Luke Vibert, K. Alexi Shelby, Mr C and Tyree Cooper. Check out the full tracklist below. Tracklist ??01. Tyree Cooper - Acid Number Two 02. Andreas Gehm - Acid Will Survive 03. ConSequence - State Of Consciousness 04. Paul Funk - Don't Make Me Wait For Acid 05. DJ Spank-Spank - Computer Acid feat. Maestrosis 06. Luke Vibert - Jack 07. ConSequence - Touch 08. K Alexi Shelby - Kum Face The Music 09. Mr C - Liquid Acid 10. Posthuman – Don't Stop 11. Ty'z - Acid Track 12. DJ Pierre & Rio Lathario Lee - Thousand Finger House Beat Afro Acid’s Jack Trax will release ACID 88 on December 9th, 2016.