MFB intros new Eurorack drum modules

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    Mon, 24 Oct 2016, 09:10
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  • The company's popular 522 drum machine now comes in a modular format.
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  • MFB is releasing new Eurorack modules. The Berlin-based hardware manufacturer has taken the kick drum, snare, clap, tom, cowbell, rimshot, maraca, conga and clave from the MFB-522, its best-selling, and now discontinued, 808-esque drum machine. Amazona reports that these instruments will become available in November in the form of five new modules for Eurorack modular systems. Two of the modules host multiple instruments that can be accessed with separate trigger inputs, namely the CB/RS/MA 522 and the TO/CO/CL 522, which host the cowbell, rim shot and maraca, and tom, conga and clave, respectively. Some new features not present on the original MFB-522 have been included in the Eurorack versions, such as noise on the Bass 522 kick drum module, a Snappy control on the Snare 522 and a Wide parameter on the Clap 522. Most parameters are CV controllable. Other new modules include a MIDI/CV interface and the Sequencer SEQ-01 Pro, which improves on the original by allowing the sequencing of CV values. These modules host a new system called M-Bus that aims to increase the speed of communication between units. MFB will release the new 522 range of modules in November, 2016. The Bass, Snare and Clap modules will retail for 99 Euro while the CB/RS/MA 522 and TO/CO/CL 522 will be available for 119 Euro.