Palto Flats announces album from Georgia, All Kind Music

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  • The label will release the LP from the NYC production duo later this month.
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  • Palto Flats has revealed details on its next release, Georgia's All Kind Music LP. Georgia, the band made up of New York musicians Brian Close and Justin Tripp, crafts a heady mix of "ECM-era Don Cherry global jazz meets contemporary electronic avant-garde," according to the label. They recently put out a 12-inch called Import Fruit on Charles Drakeford's oddball UK imprint F T D, and All Kind Music follows 2014's Like Comment full-length for the Belgian imprint Meakusma. The new one features guests on every track including Caroline Polachek of Chairlift, and Matt Werth, best known for his RVNG Intl. label. It follows some well-loved archival releases from Palto Flats, including Mariah's Utakata No Hibi and Woo's Awaawaa. Watch the trailer for the album.
    Listen to Georgia's "All Kind Music."
    Tracklist 01. Petwo, Raality Souf Broker 02. Canal Din (Open Voice) 03. Ahola 04. No One Person Can Ever Be The Center 05. Slow Dance 06. Ama Yes Uzume 07. Time Feel 08. Teth (Baka) Palto Flats will release All Kind Music on October 24th, 2016.