Huntleys & Palmers launches sub-label, Belters

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  • Wrong Steps, Hi & Saberhägen and Petwo Evans provide the new outlet's first three EPs.
  • Huntleys & Palmers launches sub-label, Belters image
  • Huntleys + Palmers boss Andrew Thomson will release three records on a new sub-label called Belters in November. Speaking with RA, Thomson said: "I've realised lately that I'm in quite a unique position where a large majority of [Huntleys & Palmers] output is by emerging artists who aren't really on the touring circuit. As such, their studio output is a lot greater than those who might be. This means that speed is an important factor in getting their music out there and allowing them to develop. So I've felt a need to start a new label which will cut any possible corners to get their music into shops." The first three 12-inches will come out simultaneously in November, from artists who have put out records on Huntleys + Palmers in the past: Hi & Saberhägen, Wrong Steps and Petwo Evans. Much like Thomson's edits-focused Highlife label, Belters will forgo full artwork and instead release hand-stamped white-labels. As for the name, Thomson says Belters will focus on full-on dance floor fare. "Huntleys will continue, but serve as the sort of 'mother label' which will specialise in albums, reissues and bespoke releases," he says. Thomson played some new Belters tracks on a recent NTS show.
    Tracklist BLTRS01 - Wrong Steps A1 Land A2 Drei B1 Infn B2 3tho BLTRS02 - Hi & Saberhägen A1 Good Deeds A2 Little Feet, Long Hair feat. Pentland B1 Vlvy B2 My Parallel B3 Worst Show on TV BLTRS03 - Petwo Evans A1 Capel Salem A2 Oxford Bags A3 Petrox B1 CamRose B2 Bells Lupe B3 Wheels BLTRS01-03 are out in November 2016.