DLR returns for new solo album, Dreamland

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  • Out in November, the new record is a concept album 'that reflects on the world today.'
  • DLR returns for new solo album, Dreamland image
  • DLR is putting out his second solo LP on November 25th. James Rowbotham, known for his collaborations with fellow producer Octane, struck out on his own for his first solo full-length, Seeing Sounds, last year. Its follow-up, Dreamland, is a concept album that "seeks to resist the inadequate reality we are sleepwalking into... [which is] an inherently greed-based system where numbers govern art and culture," according to the press release. Long-time label Dispatch says that the record is "honest, straight-up and sound design focused," paying "homage to the older styles of drum & bass." It features collaborations with Break, Mako, Hydro, Signal and Gusto. As usual for Dispatch, the album will be preceded by a 12-inch sampler that boasts an exclusive track called "Wheel Of Fortune." Tracklist 01. Lucid Dreaming (Intro) 02. Trip Up 03. Wonder What It Feels Like feat. Break 04. Wasting TIme 05. Living The Dream (Interlude) 06. Pyoyb 07. Anxiety Attack feat. Mako 08. Inna Dream (Interlude) 09. Dreamland feat. Gusto 10. Unusual Behavior feat. Signal 11. Decisions You Make In A Dream (Interlude) 12. Journey To Mars 13. We're All Wrong feat. Hydro 14. Time Is Everything Dispatch will release Dreamland on November 25th, 2016.