Don't DJ album, Musique Acephale, coming on Berceuse Heroique

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  • The Düsseldorf artist has a solo LP landing this week.
  • Don't DJ album, Musique Acephale, coming on Berceuse Heroique image
  • Don't DJ will release an album on Berceuse Heroique on October 5th. Musique Acephale marks Florian Meyer's third appearance on Berceuse Heroique, following two EPs: 2015's Hexentrix and this year's Gammellan. In addition to his solo work as Don't DJ, the Düsseldorf-based Meyer is also part of a trio called The Durian Brothers. The album comes with artwork by Robert Beatty, who's previously worked with the likes of Oneohtrix Point Never and Tame Impala. For his part, Meyer isn't keen to describe Musique Acephale's sound or style. "The worst thing artists can do is to talk about their work," he says. "This way the recipient will bring the artist's hypothesis of what to expect to the encounter like coloured glasses." He adds: "Hence the recipient will most likely perceive the work similar to the poor way the artist suggested. This is the worst outcome one could wish for, as the genuine potential of any artwork is to yield an encounter between a life and something that has not yet an interpretation within that life. Each of these encounters holds the potential to generate fundamentally new insights. The artists who send out interpretations of their work beforehand steal this potential from the work, and doom it to reproduce their pathetic misconceptions." Tracklist 01. Evocation In Desert Ruins 02. Pornoire 03. Evolve 04. Disparata 05. Polyamory 06. Highbreeds 07. Syrian Rue 08. Fall (4 Interesting Music) 09. The Grey Shrine Berceuse Heroique will release Musique Acephale on October 5th, 2016.