bvdub returns with new album, Yours Are Stories Of Sadness

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  • The new record is a series of fragments rather than his usual long-form tracks.
  • bvdub returns with new album, Yours Are Stories Of Sadness image
  • Brock Van Wey has just released his latest album as bvdub, Yours Are Stories Of Sadness. This latest record differs from Van Wey's past work as bvdub, offering up 19 shorter tracks—each around three or four minutes long—rather than his usual, ten minute-plus epics. He says that the songs on Yours Are Stories Of Sadness are "meant to stay in the shadows... to be the quiet and subconscious soundtrack." "In 2012, I was singing karaoke in the lavish VIP suite of the most opulent bar of Shaoxing," Van Wey says. "Hours in, at the height of drunken revelry, suddenly, literally out of nowhere, one of the hired girls walked over to me from the other end of the room, and whispered in my ear: 'When I saw you walk in, I knew yours was a story of sadness.' Four years later, these were the 19 times I remembered that moment... they will surely not be the last." Listen to the whole thing over at Bandcamp. Tracklist 01. 01 02. 02 03. 03 04. 04 05. 05 06. 06 07. 07 08. 08 09. 09 10. 10 11. 11 12. 12 13. 13 14. 14 15. 15 16. 16 17. 17 18. 18 19. 19 Yours Are Stories Of Sadness is out now.