Jayda G makes her LA debut

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  • The rising Vancouver DJ will play a new party called Directory this November.
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  • A new venture called Directory will kick off with Jayda G on November 4th. Jayda G splits her time between Vancouver and Berlin, and has put out a couple releases on Freakout Cult, the label she runs with Sex Tags man DJ Fett Burger. Her collaboration with Fett Burger, NYC Party Track served as the first 12-inch on that label. Her solo debut Jaydaisms, was the second EP on Freakout Cult, with a record from close peer LNS also coming this year. In LA, she'll be backed by Bianca Lexis, a young record digger affiliated with the Dublab radio station. Directory is a new underground that has been established following some controversy on cover prices and the tendency of LA promoters to situate their parties near Skid Row, a neighborhood known for its massive homeless population. Listen to Jayda G's Trushmix below.