FaltyDL details new album, Heaven Is For Quitters

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    Tue, 13 Sep 2016, 15:33
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  • It's out on the New York producer's label, Blueberry Records, next month.
  • FaltyDL details new album, Heaven Is For Quitters image
  • FaltyDL has announced details of his new LP, Heaven Is For Quitters. Brooklyn's Drew Lustman has already released five albums—three for Planet Mu and another two for Ninja Tune. The new one, which he's been working on for two years now, is due out on his own label, Blueberry Records. "I've always tried to make music for clubs and outward facing experiences," he says of the LP, "but often in spite of my best efforts I end up supplying a sound that translates best on a private personal level. The communal listening experience is great, but not my favorite, never been." It includes a collaboration with Planet Mu label boss µ-Ziq. Lustman has also offered up a free mix of unreleased material, featuring Jose James and Hannah Cohen, which is available via his website. Check out the lead single, "Drugs," with singer Rosie Lowe.
    Tracklist 01. Tasha 02. Infinite Sustain feat. Hannah Cohen 03. Frigid Air feat. µ-Ziq 04. River Phoenix 05. Bridge Spot 06. Drugs feat. Rosie Lowe 07. Shock Therapy 08. Fleshy Compromise 09. Neeloon (First Kiss) 10. Whisper Diving 11. Beasts Of Heaven 12. Osaka Phantom 13. D & C Blueberry Records will release Heaven Is For Quitters on October 21st, 2016.