Andrew Weatherall remixed by Red Axes, Solar Bears on new album

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  • Consolamentum, out in October, reworks tracks from the UK artist's Convenanza album.
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  • Andrew Weatherall will release a new remix album in October. Consolamentum comes half a year after Convenanza, which was the UK veteran's first solo album since 2009. Said to be "the sound of Andrew Weatherall looking back at the clutter of a life thoroughly lived," Convenanza incorporated ideas and sounds from EBM, indie rock and punk. Now it's being given an equally wide-ranging makeover. Among the remixers on Consolamentum are Israeli duo Red Axes, London's Timothy J. Fairplay, Black Devil Disco Club, Crimes Of The Future's Scott Fraser (who provides two versions of "Ghosts Again") and Solar Bears. Northern Irishman David Holmes also makes an appearance under his new alias Unloved, while Justin Robertson contributes as Deadstock 33s. Like the original album, Consolamentum will come via Rotters Golf Club. The double LP version will be limited to 700 copies. Tracklist 01. We Count The Stars (Unloved Remix) 02. The Confidence Man (Justin Robertson's Deadstock 33s Remix) 03. Frankfurt Advice (Red Axes Remix) 04. The Last Walk (Vox Low Riding The White Horse Version) 05. Disappear (Duncan Grey Remix) 06. Thirteenth Night (Timothy J Fairplay Remix) 07. The Confidence Man (Sons Of Slough Remix) 08. Frankfurt Advice (Heretic Remix) 09. Kicking The River (Solar Bears Remix) 10. The Last Walk (Black Devil Disco Club Rework) 11. Ghosts Again (Scott Fraser Vocal Dub) 12. The Confidence Man (The Emperor Machine Dub) 13. Ghosts Again (Scott Fraser Ghosts In The Piano Mix) Rotters Golf Club will release Consolamentum on October 21st, 2016.