Antinote to release a trilogy of Tolouse Low Trax EPs

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  • The label will mark 30 releases with a five-track 12-inch from the Salon Des Amateurs man.
  • Antinote to release a trilogy of Tolouse Low Trax EPs image
  • Antinote will release Decade Vol. 1 by Tolouse Low Trax soon. The imprint run by Parisian record head Zaltan recently issued an LP from Mic Newman's Mind Lotion project, following up on 2016 releases from the likes of Leonardo Martelli and Raphaël Top-Secret. For Antinote's 30th release, Zaltan looks to Düsseldorf, kicking off a trilogy of releases from Tolouse Low Trax, AKA Detlef Weinrich. The producer, who also plays in the krautrock-flavored band Kreidler, was instrumental in developing the outré musical policy at Salon Des Amateurs, a tiny club that's helped launch the careers of Lena Willikens and Jan Schulte. The Decade series draws on Weinrich's solo archival recordings. "The primitiveness in my music is linked to something simple, and that doesn't have to be obligatory minimal," he says. "For me it is enough to dance rough around the core." Decade Vol. 1 follows a Tolouse Low Trax 12-inch on Themes For Great Cities. Tracklist 01. Make Friends 02. Ejekter 03. Hidden Flat 04. Studies In Drama 05. Tristeros Empire Antinote will release Decade Vol. 1 in fall, 2016.