Beatport adds 'big room' and 'future house' genre classifications

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    Tue, Sep 6, 2016, 12:31
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  • The online music marketplace will implement a new system for discovering music next week.
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  • Beatport will launch new genres on September 12th. The site's management has responded to customers' "number one feature request" by rethinking their system for organizing music genres. One of the biggest changes is that they'll now separate commercial EDM from more underground electronic music. "Beatport serves DJs from both of these worlds," the company's senior vice president, Terry Weerasinghe, told RA over email. "But it's rare that a DJ wants to play both types of music. From now on each genre will only address one of these worlds." They've also introduced new genres like "big room" and "future house," and re-categorized over 500,000 tracks to fit more accurately with their genre descriptors. With the re-organization of labels like house and deep house, they want to keep commercial music from crowding these genres out of user searches in the interface. What that means is that lesser-known labels will be more likely to chart and feature prominently on the site. "Labels like Suara, Drumcode, Soma and Ostgut Ton are all having fantastic years," Weerasinghe continues. "But we’re hoping that this change also helps give exposure to more new and upcoming labels like Acido, Les Points and Whities." The changes take effect on Monday, September 12th.