Gilles Peterson launches online radio station, Worldwide FM

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  • Starting today, September 5th, the station will be co-hosted by Peterson and Thris Tian.
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  • Gilles Peterson has launched an online radio station, Worldwide FM. Streaming at, the station is a collaboration with Boiler Room and NTS host Thris Tian. The pair will work together to curate a daily programme of shows from "esteemed friends and family," who will come together to present live sessions, interviews, features and discussions. A number of "global ambassadors," such as Brussel's DJ Lefto and Tokyo's Toshio Matsuura, have also been enlisted to shine the spotlight on their local scenes. Worldwide FM will be headquartered in London, but secondary studios will soon be set-up in Los Angeles and mainland Europe. It's the latest in a long line of radio endeavours for Peterson, who's been involved in broadcasting since the '80s, including for BBC Radio 1 and Kiss FM. He also brought his broadcasting skills to Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto video game franchise, where he hosted Worldwide FM on 2013's Grand Theft Auto V.