Korg announces Volca Kick and ARP Odyssey desktop module

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  • The new products are due out in October.
  • Korg announces Volca Kick and ARP Odyssey desktop module image
  • Korg has revealed the Volca Kick and ARP Odyssey Module. The Volca Kick is a one-voice synthesiser designed to produce low-pitched percussion and basses. It's sound source is an analogue, self-oscillating filter modelled on the company's MS20 circuit, which is then shaped by Pitch/Octave, Bend and Time parameters. The signal path continues with a pulse generator, before hitting a VCA with Attack and Decay settings, an analogue drive circuit and finally a 12db/oct low-pass filter labelled Tone. Like other Volcas, the new model can link multiple sequences into chains extending up to 256 steps and features Motion Sequence and Touch FX functionality. The ARP Odyssey Module is a desktop version of Korg's remake of the original ARP Odyssey, which was built in 1972. It contains the same feature set as the keyboard version but with a smaller size more conducive to compact studio setups. It will be available in a choice of white or black. Watch an introduction of the Korg Volca Kick.
    Korg will release the Volca Kick and ARP Odyssey Module in October, 2016 for $159.99 and $599.99 respectively.