SoundCloud removes groups feature, developers bring it back

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  • A band of coders and musicians have set up a workaround for artists seeking to post tracks within genre-specific communities.
  • SoundCloud removes groups feature, developers bring it back image
  • Today, the SoundCloud audio platform did away with groups, a lesser used feature on the site allowing users to post their tracks in areas for specific genres of interests. A London-based team of developers and musicians immediately brought the groups functionality back, albeit via a workaround establishing "user" accounts for various genres. (Check out the SoundCloud Groups website for more details.) SoundCloud says "groups aren't working as well as reposts, curated playlists and messages." SoundCloud Groups, on the other hand, claims the artist communities are crucial as they provide the only opportunity for producers to actively share their music as opposed to relying on others for reposts. SoundCloud Groups say they have created profiles for every official genre, amassing 3500 followers across 28 groups in their first 48 hours.