Speakers, PA equipment removed from Passing Clouds

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  • The Dalston venue's future appears increasingly bleak, with authorities evicting supporters who had tried to reclaim it as a music and arts space.
  • Speakers, PA equipment removed from Passing Clouds image
  • Passing Clouds has been evicted from its Dalston home. The Richmond Road spot was sold recently to a property development company. Supporters of Passing Clouds responded to being locked out in June by breaking into the building and resuming business. Then, as Time Out reports, the building's new owners took Passing Clouds' Eleanor Wilson to court. On August 16th the occupiers of the venue were evicted, with metal shutters added to all of the building's windows. On August 17th, the occupiers and bailiffs were seen removing equipment including speakers from the premises. A spokeswoman for Passing Clouds told RA: "Passing Clouds remains in full possession of all the belongings inside the building, which we are gradually removing from the premises ourselves. These pictures are of a bailiff kindly giving our sound engineers a hand taking heavy equipment to our own van before it goes into temporary storage. We are deeply saddened by this turn of events but can assure you that this is not the end of Passing Clouds. We will continue to run as many of our events as possible from other venues whilst we try to find a new home, and are looking forward to the next exciting chapter in our story." Established in 2006, Passing Clouds is a community-focused venue that supports live music and the arts. Photo credit: Stephen Titmus