Zynaptiq release 'revolutionary' adaptive reverb plug-in

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  • Adaptiverb uses artificial intelligence to create complex reverberations.
  • Zynaptiq release 'revolutionary' adaptive reverb plug-in image
  • Zynaptiq has released a new reverb plug-in, Adaptiverb. The Hannover company straddles a line between professional sound design and music creation applications, as displayed in high-end specialist products like Unveil and Morph. The goal of the new plug-in is to create reverbs that don't muddy your mix or push sounds into the background, focusing on lush textures over a realistic convolution-based approach. Adaptiverb is based around a processor called the Bionic Sustain Resynthesizer. It uses artificial intelligence to learn the harmonic character of the input and creates a reverb based only on the pitched aspects of the source audio, rather than transients or noise. A Harmonic Contour Filter further controls the relationship between the harmonic content of input and reverb, and can be set to track a user-defined set of pitches. Adaptiverb can be used as an ambient synthesiser in Freeze mode, which allows various flavours of frozen reverbs to be stored and played within the plug-in, even without an external input. Unlike other Freeze functions, Adaptiverb doesn't recycle a segment of a reverb, instead capturing and resynthesizing the input signal. Watch a promo video for Adaptiverb.
    Zynaptiq's Adaptiverb is available now for €159 until September 30th, 2016. It will retail for €269 from October.