Steve Hauschildt reveals Strands LP

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  • The Cleveland-based analog specialist will put out his fourth album for Kranky this October.
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  • Steve Hauschildt will release a full-length called Strands via Kranky on October 28th. The former Emeralds man put out a lengthy album, Where All Is Fled, on his usual home, Kranky, in 2015. That one was his first LP in three years, but it appears he's back to his usual prolific pace with another album. The eloquent producer says the new one "is about cosmogony and creation/destruction myths." He goes on to say the title refers to the "structural composition of ropes," saying "[he] wanted to approach the compositions so that they consisted of strands and fibers which form a unified whole." Strands was also inspired by the idea of "life slowly [reemerging] through desolation." Hauschildt also says Strands "is a reflection of [his] hometown," the deindustrialized Rust Belt metropolis Cleveland. Listen to the title track.
    Tracklist 01. Horizon Of Appearances 02. Same River Twice 03. A False Seeming 04. Ketracel 05. Time We Have 06. Strands 07. Transience Of Earthly Joys 08. Die In Fascination Kranky will release Strands on October 28th, 2016.