RAMZi announces new album, Phobiza Vol. 1: Dia

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  • The new seven-track LP from the Vancouver experimental dance producer comes out on Total Stasis.
  • RAMZi announces new album, Phobiza Vol. 1: Dia image
  • RAMZi will release a new full-length called Phobiza Vol. 1: Dia via Total Stasis this summer. RAMZi is the nom de plume for Vancouver-via-Montreal producer Phoebé Guillemot. She last appeared on Total Stasis back in 2013 with the Etwal Timoun EP and has since gone on to work with a number of well-respected imprints like 1080p and RVNG Intl. RA's Andrew Ryce called her 2015 LP for 1080p, Houti Kush, "one of those rare electronic records that sounds like almost nothing else," in his positive review. The press release on the new one is brief and cryptic. It says
    a cruise thru RAMZi archipelago noon sun to crepuscular estuary garden
    Back in May, Total Stasis re-released a 2013 full-length from Elysia Crampton, under the E+E alias. Tracklist 01. Phobiza 02. Gro Bwouya 03. Jazzi Houti 04. Ogaden 05. Birdz Attack 06. Majestic Zouk 07. Balanimentra Total Stasis will release Phobiza Vol. 1: Dia in summer, 2016.