Radian return to Thrill Jockey for new album, On Dark Silent Off

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    Tue, Jul 26, 2016, 10:56
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  • The Austrian experimental trio will release their sixth LP in November.
  • Radian return to Thrill Jockey for new album, On Dark Silent Off image
  • Radian will release a new album, On Dark Silent Off, via Thrill Jockey in the fall. The long-standing experimental group has already released three albums with Thrill Jockey—the last one being 2009's Chimeric. Their new record, which incorporates guitars, drums, bass and a host of electronic hardware, is, according to the label, all about "the juxtaposition of extremes, the contrast between light and darkness; and in musical terms, sound and silence and brightness/darkness of timbre." It takes inspiration from modern and contemporary works of art, from the abstract paintings of Ad Reinhardt to Outer Space, an impressionistic horror film by fellow Austrian Peter Tscherkassky. "Radian likes to deal with sound that could be seen as byproducts of a musical process and incorporate them into its pieces," Thrill Jockey explains. "The sound of a cable entering the socket of a guitar, the sound of a switch, hums, sound of the fingers tapping on the string of a bass or the sound of the hand gliding between two chords of a guitar. These sounds are not deleted, or hidden, they are often transformed into central elements of the pieces." Tracklist 01. Pickup Pickout 02. On Dark Silent Off 03. Scary Objects 04. Recreate Loved Objects 05. Blue Noise, Black Lake 06. Codes And Sounds 07. Rusty Machines, Dusty Carpets Thrill Jockey will release On Dark Silent Off on November 11th, 2016.