Powell teases new album, Sport

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  • The record is coming out on XL Recordings this fall.
  • Powell teases new album, Sport image
  • Powell's debut album, Sport, will land on XL Recordings later this year. Billboards with a white background and an email address—[email protected]—appeared yesterday in New York and London. Pitchfork has reported that Powell confirmed to a fan who emailed him that the album was coming out in the autumn. An email sent by RA to Powell's address today initially came with an out-of-office reply that reads "Fuck this. Too hot. Gone Swimming." Powell later responded with a photo of a document titled "Tips for maximising your interview time with Powell," as well as a link to a gif. This isn't the first time Powell has used a billboard to promote a record. Last year, he posted up an email from American rock musician Steve Albini ahead of the release of a song called "Insomniac" that sampled Albini's vocals.
    XL Recordings will release Sport in October 2016.