Fluxion reveals Vibrant Forms III

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  • Subwax Bcn will issue in October the dub techno stalwart's next album, 16 years after Chain Reaction's release of Vibrant Forms II.
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  • Fluxion's Vibrant Forms III LP is due out on Subwax Bcn in October. It'll be the third in a series of Vibrant Forms releases for Fluxion; the prior two came through the Basic Channel offshoot Chain Reaction in 1999 and 2000. Bringing together vinyl cuts and unreleased material, those two compilations are considered classics in the dub techno canon—though the artist himself, real name Konstantinos Soublis, has always considered each an album in its own right. Since then, he's crafted five other full-lengths, the most recent being 2014's Broadwalk Tales on Echocord. Subwax Bcn remastered and reissued Vibrant Forms II earlier this year, and also put out some older Fluxion tracks on wax for the first time. Soublis is now linking up with the Barcelona label to release Vibrant Forms III, a fully new album, as a CD and a run of four 12-inches, including limited versions of marbled vinyl. We had a quick chat with Soublis about his latest full-length endeavor.
    How (and when) did you first connect with the Subwax Bcn? A mutual friend introduced me to them in 2015, and their independent spirit appealed to me as well as how they are out of the epicenter in Barcelona. There are a lot of surprises coming up with this partnership. Both previous editions of Vibrant Forms were compilations. Why did you revive the name for this new album? The Vibrant Forms series were albums where all the tracks fit together in a story. Here my story is the process, all three albums fit together in a greater story reflecting the concepts of a loss of perfection. There is always unpredictability as sounds are layered together and interact away from the intention of the artist. I come from an era when musicians made music to push boundaries and let sounds breathe, where mistakes often led to real artistic breakthrough. This live, improvisational style is quite similar to when I play live. It's a feeling that we are all participants in an aural experiment every time. This is what will happen a few months from now when we'll present Vibrant Forms live. The name is likely to bring to mind the Chain Reaction connection. Do you have any personal, sentimental favorites from the rest of the label's output? Chain Reaction was a great movement of artists, each different in their own respect. We were all focused on how we can push boundaries, which is an ethos I still hold today. Moritz and Mark [label founders Moritz Von Oswald and Mark Ernestus] cultivated this environment. I wouldn't isolate any particular artist or work as a favorite, my personal favorite was our collective attitude and how we inspired each other. This is your sixth full-length release since 2001. How has your production approach, and your studio setup, changed over the years? It hasn't changed much over the years, it's analog and digital machines. It is always more important to me how they work together. I love to get to know my machines inside-out, so I spend lots of time experimenting. I never know what I will make, which is exciting for me. This is my process in the Vibrant Forms series, making these albums very different conceptually from my others.
    Listen to LP cut "Hordes Descent."
    Tracklist 01. Regional Shift 02. Uncontained 03. Hordes Descent 04. Safe Harbour 05. Tortile 06. Gradual Approach 07. Autonomous 08. Variant 09. Variant (CD version) 10. Contact Subwax Bcn will release Vibrant Forms III on October 17th, 2016.