Police use pick axes to find hidden compartments at Amnesia

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    Wed, 6 Jul 2016, 18:32
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  • Following a raid at the Ibiza club, sources close to the investigation say police have found over €2 million.
  • Police use pick axes to find hidden compartments at Amnesia image
  • After spending two days searching Amnesia, The Diario de Ibiza reports that Spanish police have now brought in tools to search for hidden compartments, as well as a money counter. The Guardia Civil originally raided the club in the early hours of July 5th, landing a helicopter in the parking lot. They arrested four people associated with the business, including the owner, and then returned this morning to continue searching the club. Now the Diaro reports that they began using "pick axes and other tools to find hiding places in the offices of Amnesia," as well as a money counting machine. There has been no statement as to the charges, though the investigators include officials from the Ibiza Tax Agency as well as the Organized Crime and Anti-Drug Team. Sources familiar with the investigation said in the same article that police found at least two million euros in the club. The investigation began following a complaint filed last fall by the state alleging that they had detected discrepancies in their tax payments. Within the last two days police have seized documents and assets in suspects' homes and in a boat belonging to Amnesia's owner as well as safety deposit boxes in banks around the island. They also combed through records in an Ibiza computer company that supposedly services the club.