Dave Clarke and Bas Mooy remix Time Traveler

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  • An album and a couple remix EPs, will come through Italian producer Michele Pinna's new label, Chronicles Diary, later this year.
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  • Italian artist Michele Pinna is adopting a new alias, Time Traveler, and starting a new label called Chronicles Diary, which will be home to his new album and remixes from a set of heavy-hitters. Pinna is already behind The Triangle Records, a label that's been putting out techno, tech-house and house since 2010. Chronicles Diary, looking to be a darker, more techno-oriented concern, has been set up specifically for his upcoming I'm Made Of Stars / Journal LP project as Time Traveler—the moniker being a "direct confrontation of the artist's own fear of time as an unrelenting force." I'm Made Of Stars / Journal was inspired by conversations Pinna had with his father "on the topics of galaxies, space and of course, time," and is described as a "twisting sci-fi journey" with "one foot in dance music and the other in emotional and visionary experimentation." It's due out in late September on two different double-vinyl forms—a limited edition designed "like a diary" with artwork prints, and a standard edition in paper moleskine packaging, in late September—and on cassette tape, with a digital version to follow. A pair of remix EPs are also in the works, featuring an international assortment of techno talent. The first set, scheduled for mid-October release, will feature Bas Mooy, Black Asteroid, Brian Sanhaji and DJ Hyperactive. Full details on the second EP are still TBA, but we're told it'll arrive before the end of the year, and so far UK legend Dave Clarke and Detroit Techno Militia have been recruited as remixers for that one. Check out a video teaser for the project.
    Tracklist I'm Made Of Stars / Journal 01. Intro / I'm Made Of Stars 02. Alpha 03. Dark Priesthood 04. Currupttion 05. Middle Break / Restricted Areas 06. Interstellar 07. Supersymmetry 08. Chronicles From B-29 Superfortress 09. O ~ R x E 10. Chaos Theory 11. Timestretcher n*17121985 12. Stardust 13. Outro / God Is Word I'm Made Of Stars / Journal Remixes I A1 Curruption (Bas Mooy Remix) A2 Interstellar (Black Asteroid Remix) B1 Timestretcher n*17121985 (Brian Sanhaji Remix) B2 Timestretcher n*17121985 (DJ Hyperactive Remix) Chronicles Diary will release I'm Made Of Stars / Journal on September 30th, and I'm Made Of Stars / Journal Remixes I on October 14th, 2016.