London duo Grumbling Fur announce new album, Furfour

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  • This Heat's Charles Bullen pitched in on the new effort, which is out in September.
  • London duo Grumbling Fur announce new album, Furfour image
  • Thrill Jockey will release Grumbling Fur's Furfour LP on September 16th. The group is made up of London experimentalists Alexander Tucker and Daniel O’Sullivan, each of whom are habitual collaborators. O'Sullivan works with Sunn O)))'s Stephen O'Malley as part of Æthenor, and he's also a member of the reformed version of legendary Brixton band This Heat. Grumbling Fur also work with the minimal composer Charlemagne Palestine in the live setting. Furfour was written over the past three years at the duo's 147 Tower Gardens studio and, like previous Grumbling Fur records, is uncharacteristically poppy considering the far-out music the group's members are typically involved with. Chicago mainstay Thrill Jockey puts forth a long list of sonic touchstones when describing the new record's sound, including Arthur Russell, Ashtray Navigations, Penguin Cafe Orchestra and Syd Barrett. This Heat's Charles Bullen appears on the LP as does Isobel Sollenberger, the voice of Philly drone-psych band Bardo Pond. O'Sullivan and Tucker describe the project as being "about our friendship and shared love of music, art, literature, film, comics, goddesses and gods." Listen to Furfour track "Acid Ali Khan."
    Tracklist 01. Strange The Friends 02. Acid Ali Khan 03. Heavy Days 04. Molten Familiar 05. Milky Light 06. Pyewacket’s Palace 07. Perfect Reader 08. Silent Plans/Black Egg 09. Golden Simon 10. Sapien Sapiens 11. Come Down And Watch Them 12. Suneaters Thrill Jockey will release Furfour on September 16th, 2016.