Wearable bass enhancer Basslet has been launched

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  • A Berlin-based company called Lofelt is behind the new technology.
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  • Lofelt has announced a new wearable technology, Basslet. Basslet is a wearable device that recreates the physical sensation of bass that headphones alone cannot achieve, using a perceptual illusion to create the feeling of standing next to a subwoofer. The device comes with a wristband and an adapter that you plug into the jack of your media player. Mounted on the wristband is a black box containing a proprietary LoSound engine to send frequencies as low as 10hz into your wrist. Lofelt claims it's sensitive to dynamics and operates with low latency so Basslet could feasibly help producers and DJs monitor music at low volume without sacrificing their perception of bass content. Basslet isn't aimed purely at audio professionals—it's meant to enhance the listening experience of music fans in transit, gamers and VR users. Lofelt was founded by ex-employees of Ableton and Native Instruments and the Basslet has received official endorsement from Spotify and Ableton. A mass production pilot is scheduled to be available in August with general shipping to take place in December. You can purchase Basslet now on Kickstarter. Have a look at Basslet's Losound engine.
    Basslet will retail for 139€ with limited early-bird prices from 99€. It's available to order now.