Delroy Edwards announces debut album, Hangin' At The Beach

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  • The 30-track release is out in August on his label L.A. Club Resource.
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  • L.A. Club Resource will release Delroy Edwards' Hangin' At The Beach full-length on August 5th. Edwards, real name Brandon Perlman, referred to the album while being interviewed for our recent Label of the Month profile on his LACR outlet. He told us the record, which strays far from the tough house template he laid out on his initial EPs, "was influenced by Northern California and Monterey and Big Sur." The LP has 30 tracks, many of them short. It has some of the lo-fi, melodic qualities of hypnagogic pop while quickly shifting between genres such as library music. Since bursting onto the scene with the 2012 L.I.E.S. 12-inch 4 Club Use Only, Perlman has been all over the place, producing and DJing chopped and screwed rap, noise and hardcore punk, as well as dance music. Listen to "Born Rebels."
    Tracklist 01. H.A.T.B. 02. My Promise 03. Nervous Breakdown 04. Looking For A Fight 05. Safe Places Pt. 1 06. Trigger Kids Revenge 07. I Love Sloane 08. Wild Animal 09. Bad Behavior 10. Brothers In Arms 11. Tunnel Vision 12. 10th Ave Interlude 13. Moscow Girls 14. Soldier Boy 15. Crime Spree 16. Powerhouse 17. Horsing Around 18. Boiled Blood 19. Born Rebels 20. Surf's Up 21. By Myself 22. The Rocker 23. Trouble Nut 24. Numb Nuts Hymn 25. Empty Pools 26. Safe Places Pt. 2 27. Bixby 28. Ready To Fight 29. Bubble Up 30. Butterflies L.A. Club Resource will release Hangin' At The Beach on August 5th, 2016.