Brooklyn club Palisades shut down, 'could reopen' in August

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    Wed, Jun 15, 2016, 15:06
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  • Gigs with Terekke and Delroy Edwards have been moved to Good Room.
  • Brooklyn club Palisades shut down, 'could reopen' in August image
  • Palisades will remain closed until at least August, management says. The intimate Brooklyn venue was shut down by police on Friday during a Northside Festival event where Fade To Mind artist MikeQ was scheduled to headline. The following day the club's management tweeted that they would be closed "for a few days." Now they've confirmed that the closure could last a month-and-a-half, if not more. "We're currently moving all gigs but could reopen in August," the venue's primary booker Arial Bitran told RA over email. "We can't advise specifically why we were shut down, [but] we are very grateful for the outreach from the community." "Needless to say we're devastated," said Ric Leichtung of AdHoc Presents, the promoter behind many of the bookings at Palisades. The venue's upcoming gigs with Terekke and White Visitation on June 16th as well as Delroy Edwards on the 25th have been moved to Good Room in Greenpoint.