New EP from Underground Resistance's Timeline on the way

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  • The two-tracker is apparently the first record from a new Underground Resistance-related label, 4EVR 4WRD.
  • New EP from Underground Resistance's Timeline on the way image
  • A new Timeline EP is being prepared for release. Timeline is Underground Resistance's live band, which today comprises UR co-founder Mike Banks alongside Jon Dixon, Mark Flash and De'Sean Jones. (There's been multiple lineups over the years.) The group makes music that mixes techno and jazz sensibilities—they prefer to call it "high-tech jazz"—and has been behind three highly-rated records on UR, the most recent being 2014's The Conscious Dream EP. This two-track EP will inaugurate a new UR offshoot called 4EVR 4WRD, and it looks like it's been in the works for a while. Timeline themselves posted about it on Facebook nearly three months ago, and before then, in late January, a teaser video was uploaded to the YouTube account for Somewhere In Detroit (SID), a UR sublabel and record shop. Then, a few days ago, a Discogs entry for the record was created, which uses Forever Forward as its title. According to photos, the text on the record itself says "UR—Descendents Of The Resistance" and mentions another seemingly new entity, Dream Conscious Music. It also named the two productions. While those Discogs photos suggest at least one copy of the EP has made it out of the pressing plant, a release date hasn't been revealed yet. For now, check out the jazzy grooves on that YouTube video.
    Tracklist A The Next Wave B Still Pondering Timeline's new EP is upcoming on 4EVR 4WRD.