Marcel Dettmann releases new EP on MDR

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  • It's his first solo record since 2013.
  • Marcel Dettmann releases new EP on MDR image
  • Marcel Dettmann has a new 12-inch out on MDR. As is the custom for Dettmann's label, the EP appeared unceremoniously on the shelves of Hard Wax this week. The four-tracker is also the Berghain resident's first proper solo release since 2013. In the meantime, he's had tracks and remixes on labels like 50Weapons and The Corner, as well as a collaboration with Emika on Ostgut Ton. MDR 019 follows an EP from Pablo Mateo's Wrong Copy project back in February, as well as a string of releases last year that included Answer Code Request, SaPa, Ryan James Ford and a compilation. You can take a listen to all four clips over at Hard Wax. Tracklist A1 Onto (2010 Edit) A2 Escape B1 Nautilus B2 Foundry MDR 019 is out now.