Luke Vibert, Machinedrum and more remix historic African recordings

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  • Beating Heart: Malawi, the first of a new series drawing from an archive of original African music, will support a school nutrition initiative in the country's capital Lilongwe.
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  • A new project called Beating Heart, highlighting the largest collection of African recordings in the world and supporting the communities where the music was made, is set for launch. Beating Heart was created to commission remixes for a good cause. It draws from the archive at the International Library of African Music, ILAM, which was founded in 1954 by leading 20th-century ethnomusicologist Hugh Tracey. Tracey made some 35,000 recordings across Africa over the course of six decades—an effort Beating Heart describes as "an epic bid to preserve the music of Africa for future generations." The project was given special permission to access the ILAM archive, which has been opened to remixes for the first time ever. Each album will focus on music from one country at a time (18 in all are represented in the collection), and proceeds will go toward Beating Heart's food initiative, Garden to Mouth (G2M), which teaches nutrition knowledge and crop-growing skills. The first entry in the Beating Heart series will feature remixes of music from Malawi, and seek to raise money for developing a G2M program at the Mkunku School in the capital city, Lilongwe. (This local program is a partnership with the volunteer organization Love Support Unite.) The international cast of remixers includes Luke Vibert, Rudimental, Machinedrum, Throwing Shade, Phil Moffa and Clap! Clap!, and Malawian musicians Drew Moyo and Sonye also contribute. All involved have given their time for free. According to a press release, "sales of just 1500 copies of Beating Heart: Malawi will mean the sustainable provision of food for a school of 500 children forever." One launch party already happened at the Lake Malawi National Park last month, and another is planned on Wednesday, June 1st in London at Oval Space. This one, featuring a "surprise DJ act," is a collaboration with conscious morning dance party Morning Gloryville, who'll also be celebrating their own third birthday. You can hear bits of recordings of "Malawi Originals" from the Beating Heart SoundCloud page below.
    Tracklist 01. Ibibio Sound Machine - Amai Ndiwulule 02. Luke Vibert - Africable 03. WxT - Bat Walk Mix 04. With You. - No Resistance 05. Drew Moyo (Malawi) - Munthu 06. Sonye (Malawi) - Sankha Dona 07. Jimi Needles - Tabiya 08. M.A.X. - Londawi 09. Kidnap Kid - First Light 10. Phil Moffa - Center of the World 11. Lack of Afro - I Met You Today 12. Afriquoi - Mwana Wa 13. Beating Heart - The Work (Rudimental remix) 14. Clap! Clap! - Kulira 15. My Nu Leng - Eyes 16. Ulterior Motive - Mulanje 17. Machinedrum - Lewasi 18. Lancelot - Tisanhke Lero 19. Tru Fonix - Bop 20. Applebottom & Peter Rabbit - Intergalafrica 21. Throwing Shade - Dream Scene Beating Heart will release Beating Heart - Malawi on June 3rd, 2016.