Copenhagen's Courtesy and Mama Snake launch label, Ectotherm

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  • Out in June, the first release is a 12-inch from local producer Schacke.
  • Copenhagen's Courtesy and Mama Snake launch label, Ectotherm image
  • Copenhagen DJs Courtesy and Mama Snake are starting a record label called Ectotherm. The Danish pair, real names Najaaraq Vestbirk (Courtesy) and Sara Svanholm (Mama Snake), are well-known figures in the capital's techno scene, forming one-half of DJ collective Apeiron Crew. The label will aim to showcase the work of local producers, beginning with a club-ready four-tracker from techno and noise artist Schacke. That one, titled Patterns Of Susceptibility, will hit the shelves in June. Looking further ahead, Vestbirk and Svanholm say they have "enough material already in the can for the first 4 releases." "These amazing demos from our friends were piling up on our computers," they continue. "And we have been witnessing so many incredible live techno sets recently, from artists that for the most part were being ignored by international imprints, so we saw no other option than to start our own label." Listen to clips of the first release below.
    Tracklist A1 Cavern Search A2 Blind Pioneer B1 Moss-Covered Structure B2 Nightclub Warrior Ectotherm will release Patterns Of Susceptibility in June, 2016.