Perlon reveals next two releases, Margaret Dygas and Spacetravel

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  • Dygas is up first with the Even 11 EP, followed by Spacetravel's first release on the Berlin label.
  • Perlon reveals next two releases, Margaret Dygas and Spacetravel image
  • The next two releases on Perlon will come from Margaret Dygas and Spacetravel. Margaret Dygas will return to Zip, Markus Nikolai and Chris Rehberger's label with Even 11, a two-track 12-inch due out on May 9th. It will be Dygas's third solo release for the outlet she's been aligned with for much of her career, and follows her percussive In Wood / That record from 2014. If Dygas's past Perlon productions are anything to go by, you can likely expect two extended, ultra-trippy minimal house workouts on Even 11, built around syncopated drums and big basslines. Listen to samples here. The first Perlon EP from Spacetravel—real name Luca Cara—might be a little more club-friendly. Unearthed by Binh on his Time Passages label last year, Spacetravel is a little-known Berlin-based Italian with just one single to his name. He's hotly tipped, though—Vera and Alexandra have enlisted him to inaugurate their Melliflow label with Time To Wake Up, while "Fragile," taken from his Time Passages EP, has been getting rinsed by Zip for the past few months. There's no title or tracklist for the new record yet, but we do know that it comprises eight cuts, and will come out on CD and as a double-vinyl pack in June. Stream "Fragile" by Spacetravel.
    Tracklist A1 Even 11 B1 Wishing Well Perlon will release Even 11 on May 9th, 2016, and Spacetravel's as yet untitled double-EP in June 2016.