Sam Kidel readies Muzak-inspired album for The Death Of Rave

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  • The Young Echo member, best known as El Kid, will release the conceptual two-tracker on Friday.
  • Sam Kidel readies Muzak-inspired album for The Death Of Rave image
  • Sam Kidel (AKA El Kid) will issue Disruptive Muzak via The Death Of Rave on April 8th. Kidel is part of the loose Bristol collective known as Young Echo. His trio Killing Sound—which includes Young Echo affiliates Vessel and Jabu—has released a pair of records with Blackest Ever Black, and his solo releases as El Kid have come via labels like No Corner and Astro:Dynamics. The music he makes under his given name tends to take on a more conceptual bent. Last year's 12-inch for Entr'acte, for instance, was inspired by a Henri Michaux drawing, and he's also worked on original scores for film and theater. For his new album, he composed "Muzak"-style ambient pieces and played them over the phone to puzzled responders on government helplines (these unwitting workers also appear on the record). It grew out of his research into the Muzak Corporation, and is meant to ape corporate aesthetics while adding something "less predictable and more disruptive" to the formula. Listen to a clip of the new record below.
    Tracklist 01. Disruptive Muzak 02. DIY Version The Death Of Rave will release Disruptive Muzak on April 8th, 2016.