Burnt Friedman inaugurates new label, Risque

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  • The diverse German producer will release a single on the new imprint.
  • Burnt Friedman inaugurates new label, Risque image
  • Burnt Friedman has kicked off a new label called Risque with a two-tracker, Masque, out on April 5th. The German artist has long brought outside elements into his melange of live instruments and electronics, as seen on his vaunted collaborations with Can co-founder Jaki Liebezeit. He's continued to follow this singular path on the new one, providing a tongue-in-cheek note to Parisian DJs, saying "this is jazz, world music, Krautrock with a 21st-century Sun Ra spirit. Try it if you are looking for something different." Friedman's been running his other label, Nonplace, since the year 2000. Last year he brought back his collaboration with Atom TM, Flanger, with a full length called Lollopy Dripper. Listen to the tracks in full over on Friedman's website Tracklist A Masque B Peluche Risque will release Masque on April 5th, 2016.