Marco Carola announces season-long DJ set at Amnesia

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    Fri, 1 Apr 2016, 08:30
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  • The Italian DJ will man the decks throughout Music On's fifth summer at Amnesia.
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  • Marco Carola has announced plans for Music On 2016, taking place once again at Amnesia. For the fifth consecutive year of Music On at Amnesia, Carola has decided to mix things up: instead of playing separate sets each Friday night, he will play one continuous DJ set, stretching from June 3rd to September 30th. Speaking from the rooftop terrace of his estate in Naples, Carola said the idea was inspired by his experience of playing for 24 hours at Sunwaves Festival last summer. "This will be harder," he said, gazing seaward with no discernible expression. After a moment, he added, "But it won't be a problem." As many people noted, Carola occasionally had to sit on a foldable chair during his 24-hour set at Sunwaves. The five-month set will require more thorough preparations. Carola will effectively move into the Terrace at Amnesia, making a small bedroom out of the club's iconic DJ booth. He hopes to mostly DJ standing up, but expects to occasionally mix while laying on a bed pulled up to the decks, his arms extending out from under a duvet. Carola's team will tip glasses of Soylent into his mouth while he mixes, and he will have a private tunnel leading from the booth to the back-most stall in the club's toilet. A medical team will be on call in the club's VIP room throughout the season. "My sunglasses will remain on at all times," Carola confirmed. Asked how he'll make it through nearly half a year without sleep, he chuckled darkly and made a dismissive hand gesture.