Tim Sweeney unveils Beats In Space compilation

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  • BIS: 001-020 looks over the NYC label's first 20 releases.
  • Tim Sweeney unveils Beats In Space compilation image
  • Beats In Space will release a compilation called BIS: 001 – 020 on April 15th. The label arm of the weekly radio mix institution kicked off in 2011 with a single from French act Paradis. The B-side from that one, "La Ballade de Jim," kicks off BIS: 001 – 020, a collection of highlights from the imprint's first five years. The collection also includes cuts from Australian producer Tornado Wallace, Los Angeles-via-Amsterdam oddball Palmbomen II, Japanese producer Gonno and the most recent release from Beats In Space, "Shoot The Freak" by T & P, the duo of Tim Sweeney and Lauer. Taken as a whole, the label says Beats In Space releases are meant to evoke "the particular nostalgia experienced as one meets the eyes of a friend across a crowded floor and the memory of an entire relationship rushes through blood in a wordless, serotoninic moment." To mark the compilation, Tom Noble made a new remix of his own project House Of Spirits' "Holding On." Listen to that one below.
    Tracklist 01. Paradis - La Ballade de Jim 02. Jaakko Eino Kalevi - Speak Out 03. House Of Spirits - Holding On 04. Hidden Fees - So What 05. Secret Circuit - Higher Heights 06. Dukes Of Chutney - Domino 07. Tornado Wallace - Desperate Pleasures 08. Guiddo - Gin 'n' Tears feat. Georges Perin 09. Jaakko Eino Kalevi - Sensaatio 10. Jee Day - Sum Of Love 11. Tornado Wallace - Space Tropics 12. Palmbomen II - Carina Sayles 13. Dukes Of Chutney - The Smiling Cheshire 14. T & P - Shoot The Freak 15. Crystal & S. Koshi - Break The Dawn 16. Gonno - Are You Asleep 17. Matt Karmil - So You Say 18. Lauer - Macsat Ring Down (Lee Douglas Remix) 19. Paradis - Je m’ennuie (8:20) 20. Lauer - Stigma 21. Secret Circuit - Afterlife (LP Version) 22. Tornado Wallace - Kangaroo Ground 23. Palmbomen II - Cindy Savalas Beats In Space will release BIS: 001 – 020 on April 15th, 2016.