Andras Fox to release another ambient album on Growing Bin

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  • The Aussie producer joined forces with John Tanner on 69, which is out next month.
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  • Wilson Tanner—the duo of Andras Fox and John Tanner—will release 69 via Growing Bin Records in April. It's Andras Fox's second appearance on Basso's label, following the 2014 vinyl release of Overworld. The relaxing full-length is a collaboration between Andras (real name Andy Wilson) and fellow Australian John Tanner, and it was recorded near Perth, where the "Swan River meets the Indian Ocean," the label says. The press release goes on to describe the idyllic setting, noting that 69 was recorded using "an innovative al fresco recording technique. Andy and John invited members of the local animal community to join their jam sessions, saving a Blue Swimmer Crab from the flames of the barbecue and encouraging him to claw the ivories." The New Age-leaning LP follows Andras Fox's clubbier 12-inch for Superconscious. Listen to clips of 69 below.
    Tracklist A1 Sun Room A2 Long Water A3 Before Lotus A4 Keith B1 Further Than Your Headlights B2 Pilot B3 Tray Tail B4 Odd Low Growing Bin Records will release 69 in April, 2016.