Call Super signs to Dekmantel with Nervous Sex Traffic EP

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  • The two-tracker will hit the shops next month via the Amsterdam outlet.
  • Call Super signs to Dekmantel with Nervous Sex Traffic EP image
  • Call Super has a 12-inch for Dekmantel on the way. Titled Nervous Sex Traffic, the two-track record will be Call Super's (real name Joe Seaton) debut release on the Amsterdam-based label. It's also Seaton's first outing of 2016 under his best-known alias, though he did just put out the RA recommended Blue Dot EP on Trilogy Tapes as Ondo Fudd. Nervous Sex Traffic contains two leftfield house cuts, including one that clocks in at nine-minutes long. It lands on vinyl on April 4th. Listen to the title track below.
    We caught up with Seaton in advance of the Nervous Sex Traffic's release.
    How did you first connect with Dekmantel? We met at the Dekmantel festival in Amsterdam last year. I had a lovely time there and we continued to talk over the months since then. Can we expect any more Call Super material in 2016? Maybe. I hope so. It's not always easy to give assurances when it comes to this stuff. I hope you like what I've managed to get out thus far. I try my best to be productive each day but time seems to be like water right now flooding past me. You recently released a new EP under your Ondo Fudd alias. How do you define the difference between Fudd and Call Super? Fudd is tied into a soul destroying record deal with The Trilogy Tapes. Will Bankhead uses his contracts to crush your spirits into vinyl pellets that he then melts into 12" discs and sells in beautiful packaging. Every time you think you've done enough to please him he makes you think up a new name to make new contracts with. Clause 69 of every contract reads "Forget having different names for different sounds, henceforth you have lots of names for your sound". To be on the receiving end of one of these deals is a mind-bendingly dark place to end up. Call Super is in a happy place right now, free as an earthworm to tunnel wherever. Joking aside, Will is a lovely man and the only contract I can imagine him having is maybe with his car insurance company. I don't really see the point in having different names for different sounds, much better to have your own sound and lots of different names and get away from straight-jacketing your imagination into something as mundane as a career plan. If I ran a label I would make a contract with Clause 69 as the only clause.
    Tracklist A Nervous Sex Traffic B Mount Grace Dekmantel will release Nervous Sex Traffic on April 18th, 2016.