Apple Music and Dubset make deal to license streaming DJ Mixes

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  • Dubset's MixBank platform identifies rights holders while determining time-based compensation.
  • Apple Music and Dubset make deal to license streaming DJ Mixes image
  • Apple Music has announced a partnership with Dubset that will allow them to stream previously unlicensed DJ mixes and remixes. Apple will employ Dubset's MixBank software, which "matches the recordings used in the remix or DJ mix against a database of three-second audio snippets from Gracenote," according to Billboard. Speaking to Pitchfork, Dubset CEO Stephen White said, "Everyone's getting compensated. The label gets paid, the publisher gets paid, the DJ gets paid." He also said royalties would be "time-based," determined by the portion of a song used in a mix or remix. Dubset also indicated plans to offer the service to other music platforms. Roland Leesker, CEO of Get Physical, praised the partnership in Billboard, saying "The new revenue and royalty potential once this content moves to authorized music services is enormous based on the amount of this content that's already being streamed without approvals and royalties." White says further announcements on the team-up will come during next week's Winter Music Conference.