London mayor Boris Johnson reveals plan for Night Time Commission

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  • A six-month investigation will examine ways to "protect and manage" the capital's nighttime economy.
  • London mayor Boris Johnson reveals plan for Night Time Commission image
  • London mayor Boris Johnson has announced plans for a Night Time Commission in the UK capital. The commission involves a six-month investigation into "what should be done to protect and manage the nighttime economy," which employs 1.3 million people and is worth £66 billion a year to the UK according to a 2015 report commissioned by the Night Time Industries Association (NTIA). The commission's aim will be to "make recommendations about measures to support the nighttime economy," including the role and responsibilities of the previously mooted London nighttime champion. "There is no doubt that the nighttime economy is hugely important to our prosperity and the life of our city, but there is insufficient oversight for the way it is managed and problems are mitigated," the mayor says. "It is brilliantly successful, but nighttime activities can be seen as causes of noise and nuisance, whilst businesses complain that rising property values, the need for housing, licensing requirements and other red tape are damaging their operations, even leading to closures. If we are to compete against other world cities it is vital that we develop policies to reconcile the competing needs and concerns." The commission will report on its findings in autumn 2016. The news comes a day after the nighttime industry received a significant boost in London, with the announcement of new legislation that protects existing music venues from residential developments.