Firecracker reissues first four EPs

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  • The Scottish label will also release a collaborative record from Max D and Morgan Buckley in April.
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  • February's label of the month, Firecracker Recordings, has announced a repress of its first four 10-inches as well as the ninth release on its sublabel, Unthank. Formed in 2004 by a tight-knit Edinburgh crew including Lindsay Todd (House Of Traps), Fudge Fingas and Linkwood, the four 10-inches, which feature artwork sourced from vintage comics, were pressed in limited quantities and haven't been available since. Released over the course of five years, the records, which include enduring cuts like Linkwood Family's "Miles Away," set the tone for Firecracker, both in terms of bespoke artwork and off-kilter, Detroit-influenced house music. The reissues will be available at the end of April. April also sees the label issue the ninth 10-inch in its ornately silkscreened Unthank series. That one's from Lemme Kno, the duo comprising Future Times boss Max D and Morgan Buckley (in this case called DJ Isle O' Man), the latter known for his bizarre EPs from Rush Hour's No Label. The three Lemme Kno tracks are described as "breakbeat experiments, shplittin’ atoms and 90s jeep beats" by Firecracker. Check out the recent Label of the Month feature on Firecracker Recordings here. Listen to clips of Unthank 9 below.
    Tracklist EP1 A1 Linkwood Family - Miles Away B1 Fudge Fingas - Gettin' Together B2 Linkwood - Fate EP2 A1 Linkwood - What's Up With The Underground? A2 Linkwood - What's Up With The Drums? B1 Fudge Fingas - Escape B2 Skit B3 The Complainers - Bacon Rolls EP3 A1 Linkwood Family - Piece Of Mind B1 Skit B2 Linkwood - Hear The Sun B3 Fudge Fingas & His Fidgety Friends - Aksman EP4 A1 Linkwood & House Of Traps - Barely Eagle B1 Linkwood - Who La La (Linkwood Edit) B2 Fudge Fingas - Situation Diminished Lemme Kno - Unthank 9 A1 The Tie With The Most Stripes A2 Way (188 Krew Mix) B 1234567 Firecracker Recordings will release UNTHANK 9 in April 2016 and EPs 1-4 on April 31st, 2016.