Trus'me returns with new album, Planet 4

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  • The Prime Numbers boss's fourth LP features "nine cuts of intergalactic techno."
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  • Trus'me is back with a new album due out on May 30th. As the founder of Prime Numbers, David James Wolstencroft has long been associated with more soulful strains of house and techno. Planet 4, according to the label, marks a turn towards the astral, inspired more by Wolstencroft's growing interest in "deep space, physics and dark matter," featuring "spooky synths and sci-fi sounds." He made the record, which is named for the planet Mars, in a new Sydney studio called Analog Cabin, which gave him access to all kinds of equipment he had never used before. "I love the art of writing an LP. It’s something I feel most at home with," Wolstencroft says, "telling a story from start to finish and taking the listener on a journey to, hopefully in this case, another dimension." Tracklist 01. 1979 02. The Unexplained 03. Dark Flow 04. Ring Round Heart 05. Redsun 06. Our Future 07. Here & Now 08. So High 09. Water On Mars Prime Numbers will release Planet 4 on May 30th, 2016.