DARKSIDE's Dave Harrington forms group, announces debut album

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  • Become Alive, produced with former bandmate Nicolas Jaar, is out in April.
  • DARKSIDE's Dave Harrington forms group, announces debut album image
  • The Dave Harrington Group will release Become Alive via Nicolas Jaar's Other People on April 15th. Harrington, who played in DARKSIDE with Jaar, says that the group changed his philosophy on recording, leading directly to Becoming Alive:
    I used to be someone who didn’t really care about recording. I would play house parties, free jazz in art galleries, whatever. All live, all the time... When we started Darkside, that’s when I became really excited about making a record and started seeing recording and working in the studio as a creative outlet. Then, I got really inspired by that specific moment in history when jazz improvisation meets studio technique, the late '60s, early '70s—and I just wanted to get a bunch of close friends together to play.
    He cites his love of film as a major influence on Becoming Alive, as well as the work of legendary UK improvisor Derek Bailey. It was recorded with a group of 12 players just after the release of DARKSIDE's swan song, Psychic. Harrington edited the many hours of improvised material in the busy touring period that followed. "I was doing a lot of the first stage of editing and mixing this record in airports, tour buses and club back rooms during that whole tour," he says. "I think [that] must have influenced it." Jaar, who Harrington refers to as his "most trusted collaborator," co-produced the record alongside two other friends. Listen to the title track below.
    Tracklist 01. White Heat 02. Slides 03. The Prophet 04. Cities of the Red Night 05. Steels 06. Become Alive 07. Spectrum 08. All I Can Do Other People will release Become Alive on April 15th, 2016.