Purple Tape Pedigree to release debut album from DJ NJ Drone

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    Thu, 25 Feb 2016, 03:08
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  • The enigmatic Brooklyn producer will release an LP of experimental club music in March.
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  • DJ NJ Drone will release his debut album, Syn Stair, on March 25th. Robert DeBois is a fixture in Brooklyn's experimentally-minded club music scene. His first LP is on the way via Purple Tape Pedigree, a label that has been an important anchor for that emerging movement. Founded by New York producer Geng, Purple Tape Pedigree boasts releases from Rinse FM young gun Celestial Trax, NAAFI affiliate Imaabs and MM (the boss of South London label Her Records). On Syn Stair, DeBois veers between hyperactive club rhythms and more abstract territory. "His music is of polymorphic design," the label writes. "Past 'juke' and 'hardcore' classifications can only be mere scribbles on various torn pages in a larger, tattered collage." This one follows an EP for Track Meet, the label run by Texas producer Ynynyt Scroll, and another for the Brooklyn-based Bootleg Tapes. There are no previews available yet, though you can hear some of the album tracks in Debois' recent mix for THUMP, below. The label is planning a release party at the Queens venue Trans Pecos on Saturday, March 12th.
    Tracklist 01. Syn Stair (No Fountain) 02. 10 Cones 03. SYN 555 Zone 04. Syn Stair (Blind) 05. Sharp 06. Spectral Future Loop Purple Tape Pedigree will release Syn Stair on March 25th, 2016.