Mike Paradinas unearths lost µ-Ziq album

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    Thu, 4 Feb 2016, 16:06
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  • The LP, recorded between 1996 and '98, is available now on Bandcamp.
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  • Planet Mu boss Mike Paradinas, AKA µ-Ziq, has shared a lost album he recorded in the late '90s. Paradinas dished out a wealth of archival material last spring, only a few months after Aphex Twin did the same. Now he's back with Aberystwyth Marine, a long-lost µ-Ziq album whose tracks were written in the period between 1996 and 1998, around the time he released the Lunatic Harness and Royal Astronomy LPs. A fan asked Paradinas on Twitter why it wasn't released at the time it was recorded. "Because Virgin Records wanted something different," he replied. The 17-track LP is now available for download on Bandcamp. Listen to it in full below.
    Tracklist 01. Fucked Off Again 02. Petronas Hardstep 03. Unbutton My Coat 04. Die Tomorrow 05. To The Light 06. The Cut Of My Jib 07. Hanky Pokery 08. Air 3 09. Jiggery Panky 10. Yumm 11. Ice Nine Pt.2 12. Millennium Hand & Shrimp 13. Piriton 14. Tosser 15. You Could Smell It 16. Soft Pipes Play On 17. Plinky Plonky Aberystwyth Marine is out now on Planet Mu.