Cybotron member Richard Davis's Methane Sea to be reissued

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  • The Detroit holy grail will be made available again later this February.
  • Cybotron member Richard Davis's Methane Sea to be reissued image
  • Spanish Mission will re-release Cybotron co-founder Richard Davis's Methane Sea EP this February. The 1978 record, which goes for up to $800 on the collector's market, comes with a lore all its own. The liner notes explain that at the time of its recording, Davis was suffering from "personal turmoil and a head full of memories from the Vietnam War." The infamous Jonestown, Guyana mass murder occurred two days before the recording session and weighed heavily on his consciousness. The resulting electronic score would garner attention from legendary Motor City DJ Electrifying Mojo. In the early '80s, Davis performed as 3070 in Cybotron alongside Juan Atkins, laying the groundwork for Detroit techno and electro with cuts like "Alleys Of Your Mind." Despite successful Cybotron albums released on Fantasy Records, Davis spent time penniless and abandoned in a V.A. hospital. The new 12-inch version of Methane Sea was cut to lacquer straight from the original master tapes. 100 pink vinyl copies will be available in a few weeks, with a full reissue to come. Davis currently lives in Ypsilanti, Michigan and works with music videos, fractal designs and CGI. Listen to "Methane Sea - Prelude" below.
    Tracklist A Methane Sea - Prelude B Methane Sea - Aftermath Spanish Mission will release Methane Sea in Feburary, 2016.