James K launches label, releases album

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  • Pet, a co-release with Dial and 1080p, will inaugurate the American artist's She Rocks! outlet.
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  • James K is starting her own label. Jamie Krasner might be best known for her work as SETH, her collaborative project with Gobby that released albums for UNO and 1080p. Now she's striking out on her own with Pet, her debut solo album that also launches She Rocks, a new label. Pet is a co-release with Hamburg label Dial, and 1080p will handle a cassette version with bonus tracks and interludes. (She Rocks! will not be affiliated with Dial outside of this release, though Krasner did appear on the label's anniversary compilation last year.) "Pet reflects my mental state during its production," says Krasner. "As a person, I was owned, objectified and hurt by others and that wound I then unwillingly internalized. I turn to my music as a way to dissect these thoughts. The product became my possession, or 'pet.' In retrospective, this process gives me strength over myself." Get a taste of album track "Sokit To Me Baby" below.
    Tracklist A1 Bow (Submit Now!) A2 Drunktrack A3 Sokit To Me Baby A4 Jellisy A5 Rihanna A6 Luv Me Too B1 R.I.P. B2 Nova B3 Wetstone B4 Blu (Soda) B5 Paranormal She Rocks!, Dial and 1080p will release Pet on April 16th, 2016.